Never again will I let someone have this much of me.Never!

duminică, 5 decembrie 2010


Dear Heart, fall in love when you're ready, not when you're lonely.



miercuri, 1 decembrie 2010


Pentru fiecare cuvant nerostit, pentru fiecare lacrima varsata, pentru fiecare semn deslusit , pentru fiecare cearta , pentru fiecare data cand ai plans, pentru fiecare daca cand m-am prefacut ca nu imi pasa,     pentru fiecare "vaffanculo " ce mi lai spus, petru fiecare data cand mai sunat la miezul nopti , pentru zilele cand am ras fara oprire, pentru fiecare data cand a vrut sa ma faci geloasa..Am de spus doar..


sâmbătă, 13 noiembrie 2010

Something about with the sunshine ♥baby .

Something about you, something about us. Do not ever want to see you unhappy, I do not see any fake smile, i remember everything you got my hand and walk with me, we spoke as the moon and the stars, when you left me kiss you just told me you will not forget. I still remember the first kiss, first time when our lips or joined to form the first evidence of love. Do not forget, I love to catch you looking at me. You are more expensive as anything, and your innocence surprises me, I love watching you and ashamed. I love anything related to you, I love to watch you when you speak , smile, blink, cry, eat,sleeep do you think that I could call you just to hear you breathing?


marți, 9 noiembrie 2010


Now I understand why some people get themselves drunk. It's not because they just want to get wasted but because they want to escape each killing moment they spent every fucking night thinking about what's happening with their damn life. Of course they don't forget their problems. At least they don't spend the night crying themselves to sleep.

duminică, 31 octombrie 2010

Who`s your superhero?

Spune-mi ma, cine e super eroul tau ? Cine te ajuta atunci cand tie greu, cine e langa tine atunci cand plangi, atunci cand disperi si urasti tot, cine ramane langa tine chiar daca ii spui sa plece,cine tia dat prima palma pentru ca plangeai pentru o prostie? Spune-mi ma cine e eroul tau ? Cine e acea persoana atat de speciala incat face orice pentru tine , chiar daca tu ai fost egoist, nepasator si te-ai comportat urat cu el . Spune-mi ma cine e adevaratul tau erou?

luni, 25 octombrie 2010

Why i keep a journal.

Because some thoughts is too important to be Forgotten. There has important things memories, emotions, feelings and troubles, keep them that things in the old diary full of drawings. I keep a journal to remind you, you, grandmother, father, my first dog of all things important to me, everything that made me what I am today. And with every feeling that I begin a new chapter in the old diary, and every tear that will be filled with feelings pour. That  the i begin a new chapter in the old diary, and pour fill every tear that falls on my cheek is your feelings. My diary have feeling he was  sad, happy, love, disappointed, frightened, alone, complex, emotional, and powerful was like me ,practically part of me and knows  me better than i know myself. That's why keeping a diary, because it is my only true friend, and because it reminds me not to forget anything.<3

vineri, 22 octombrie 2010

You are my oxygen..

You`re my best friend and that means no matter how far away you are or how late in the night is, when you need me, I promise I`ll always be there. ♥I promised, and keep my promise, you're the only person to whom I give my life.You and me, forever, the same heart, same breath, same love, same end..

 I love you till the end...